#MissionSmile: Cricket Wireless Uses Social Media for Social Good


Like our customers, Cricket believes in the power of social media - and not just to connect with people and ideas, but also to spread, and in some cases inspire, social good.

Our tagline is “Something to Smile About,” but simply saying it doesn’t make it so.

So when we decided to launch the new Cricket Wireless brand, we thought, “Sure, giving our customers more 4G LTE coverage than T-Mobile, Metro PCS, Sprint, or Boost will put smiles on their faces, but what else can we do?”

And since we believe the world is Something to Smile About, we wanted to share that with the nation. So we launched #MissionSmile, a movement to make the nation smile.

It started in Miami on May 3, 2014 with thousands of people on South Beach. With the help of our YouTube friends Mark & Ethan, we broke the Guinness World Record for Most Selfies Taken in One Hour, which was pretty cool (You can watch the videos here and here.) For days, social media was a buzz and we even made a late night show!

And then we found Grandma Betty, a social media sensation with a beaming message of spreading positivity, so we decided to give her something to smile about.

Then people started doing all types of things to make others smile - like buying each other lunch, paying for someone else’s coffee, sharing (some really cute) pictures of their puppies, or simply sharing kind words to make a friend smile. (You can see that on www.missionsmile.com).

#MissionSmile has reached millions in 45 days and this is just the beginning – we plan to continue on our mission to prove the world is Something to Smile About.

Join us by accepting a mission on www.missionsmile.com or simply by sharing what makes you smile and tagging it with #MissionSmile.

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